My Poems

Joy of Life

Life does not have the age of joy,

Whether you’re a teenager in eighteen

Whether you are a young girl,

Or at thirty-five, halfway,

in seventy

but still a kid.

Age is the excuse for  joy,

cheerfulness and  happiness.

Because people do not  create only their own joy ,

but also their sorrow.

Is something much more needed for joy?

For example;

To say ‘hello ‘ to the morning

Side by side with your sweetheart,

Brewing  the tea , half sleepy

sit together at the table,

While splitting and sharing your bread,

Telling  what you dreamed,

By interpretting  into the goodness

Is it so difficult?

For example;

while walking  on the road ,holding hands

Tightly holding on to the life  together

Is it so difficult?

To sit on a bench at the  seaside,

Keep looking  into the sky.

Do  painting with your fingers in the space

from the clouds walking in the blueness.

Is it very difficult to say ‘’ Good Luck! ‘’to the continuous  fishermen,

While they are putting each of the fish into their buckets,

To be able to be happy with their smile on their faces,

Is it so difficult?

How beautiful  it is to feel the warmth of  the sun in our hearts in the  cold

How beautiful it is to drink a warm tea in the  severe cold

Is it the  tea or the severe cold that warms us ?

What is the importance of the tea that heats us if it is not so cold?

What is the importance  of the spring if there is not an autumn?

Does  the soil  live without the rain?

Does it become happy if it does not meet its darling?

And do not chat together silenlty.

What is the value of soil alone?

What is the  value  of the drops alone?

Joy of life that makes them come together

It is the joy of life  that makes the young hearted old  young  people sit under  the gentle  rain.

The handknitted  sweater that you hold on in your hands or

the newspaper you’ve just read,

To  share  them in the rain , too

Smile  on your  face, peace in your heart.

Which one makes you smile ?

To try not to get wet in the rain

or the peace of mind that has been accumulated in your heart?

Even while wet,

To know to smile together,

Is it so difficult?

To live in peace with the joy of life…

Aynur Ateş Aydın 2018

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