My Poems

Lovers of Blind Darkness

Dressed in jet black silk gown on top
On her hair unique pearl hairpin ,the Fullmoon
A priceless necklace from the stars on the neck of the night.
Quiet, silent , clear.

Such a proud heart that never bends
Challenges the ugliness of the day
Ignores the evils and winks from the stars
To the beauties sprinkled on earth.

When it sees its innocent sweetheart,
Starts to work without thinking even for a moment
Falls a star from its necklace,
To make all the talismanic wishes come true.

For itself,
the night is frosty, cold and lonely in its own silence.
The heart filled with compassion is also the protector, keeper and minder
Makes torn and ripped invisible
Without being perceived by anyone.
Makes painful screams inaudable in the silence.
Becomes a remedy for unknown desperation.
It becomes a handkerchief for the sorrows
that hid in the drops flowing from the eyes full of tears.
If they suffocate hiccups, become the rain that clear the wet innocent hearts
that remain from yesterday
Without making anybody disturb.

It’s unique and does not know to sleep
Never winks its eyes even for a moment,
Always on duty.
Keeping its guard on the sleepless, tired and shabby hearts,
becomes their sleep.

The blind darkness sets up its locksmith dinner
on each street, in each house, on each of the deserted corners .
Whereas chatting with helpless solitary loneliness,
becomes its buddy in its friendliness.
Without breaking someone’s heart,
Without someone’s hearing and knowing,
Without someone’s learning,
Without understanding and telling,
Without telling others and hurting,
Without sacrificing nobility and justice.
Gets them to encounter with
the enlightened tomorrows.

Aynur Ateş Aydın 2018

My Poems

Night Without Lover

A blue black night
Stars are orphans in the sky
Having stayed alone in the naked black
While winking in the loneliness
Like a quiet breath
Out of breath.

The moon was resentful to the night
Separated the bed
Taken the pillow and the quilt
Laid on the other lands
Became a night without lover
Darkness shouted
Cried too much
Through night grieving
It’s black and quiet.

Stars are a necklace on the neck of night
Jeweled brilliant and glowing
Diamonds been jealous of it
Crazy black night without the moon
As if it wanted to meet the lover.
To the comets
set-up a swing.
In the mourning of the night
Backwards and forwards
Dropped the most glowing tears
Quietly quietly.